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From Ben Gurion Airport by Bus or Train

The train station at the airport is located downstairs once you exit the terminal. Take the train to Akko (also spelled Acco; Acre). Get off at Akko, and from there Nateev Express bus (their buses are orange and white) #361 from Akko to Tzfas. To find the train be sure you are standing on the right platform (available on the site below). The trip to Akko is approximately 2 hours.


To find the bus stop in Akko, as you exit the train station, cross over the street, and turn right onto the main street which is perpendicular to the street of the train station. Walk a few feet, and cross over to its other side where you will see a bus stop [3 shelters connected together]. Check that the #361 stops here, going in the direction of Tzfas. It is approximately a 45-minute ride to Tzfas.


The bus's final stop is at the Central Bus Station (תחנה מרכזית). Walking from there to the Yeshiva is quite a distance, so it is recommended [especially when traveling with luggage] that you take a cab. The address of Yeshiva is Hagdud Hashlishi 5.


These trains and buses each leave around twice every hour throughout the day. Check the schedules using the links below for more info.


Train Fare: 44 ₪
Bus Fare: 27 ₪
Cab Fare: 25 ₪

From Ben Gurion Airport by Car

Click here for a link to Google maps with directions to Yeshiva

Public Transportation Websites

There are also direct buses to Tzfas from Yerusholayim, Netanya, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and Kiryat Gat. Please check these websites for more info.


Egged Bus Website:
Nateev Express Website:
Bus Websites:
Train Website:


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