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Chanukah - a time of light, warmth, joy and the love of family, a time to gather round the menorah with those dearest to you, a time to play games and eat the traditional foods, and to enjoy the beauty and comfort of the softly glowing candles.

Share that warmth with our brothers and sisters, heroically standing guard, through the cold days, and long winter nights, sacrificing all the familiarity, safety, and simple happiness that comes from a Chanukah celebration.

You can bring the celebration to them! The students of Yeshivas Beis Menachem Mendel, Tzfat, with dancing, singing, menorahs, and doughnuts, will bring light and life to these defenders of Israel, IF you help make it possible. This operation is very expensive, and is entirely funded by generous donors like you.

Help us share the light this Chanukah!

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