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Yeshiva's new website

February 25th, 2017
Logo Site

Along with the announcement of Yeshiva changing its name, we are happy to inform you of our new website domain name,


Ever since its reopening, as Yeshiva has B"H advanced and is advancing in the right direction, we are looking for ways to improve in all aspects of Yeshiva, b'gashmiyus ub'ruchniyus.


The goal of our website is to provide parents with any information they may need, such as: contact info, what's happening in Yeshiva, getting directions from the airport, etc. Registration to Yeshiva is also submitted through the website.


New! From now on you can email a message to your son. Just visit the 'contact' tab and scroll down. Messages will be printed when received and handed to your son by the first opportunity.


Our website is currently in the process of being updated.


If you'd like to comment or make a suggetion please email

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