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Two and a half thousand years ago, the Jewish people were faced with an enemy who sought to destroy our entire nation, to kill every man, woman, and child on one day. But in a miraculous turn of events, the Jews fought back, defeating their foes and winning victory and security for years to come.


Today, as well, the safety of our people and our homeland is threatened. Enemies surround us, clamoring for our destruction from every side. But time after time, in miracle after miracle, our heroic brothers and sisters of the IDF have protected and guarded us, sacrificing everything for the sake of the Jewish nation.


This Purim, help us give back to these brave men and women. The students of Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim Tzfas will travel to army bases all along the northern border of Israel, to bring the joy and jubilation of Purim to the soldiers. Now, more than ever, as tensions in the area are rising, they need your help. 

Sponsor Purim with the IDF. 

Let the miracle live on.

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