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Renovation plans

April 12, 2015
Dorm Room

Read about the project Yeshiva is currently undergoing of building a new zal and renovating the dormitories:



Dear Parents and Supporters of Yehivas Tzeirei Hashluchim


As you know, our yeshiva puts tremendous effort and investment into assuring that our students have excellent physical accommodations. It is because we recognize how difficult it can be for young students to be far from home for long months at a time, that we do our best to make their living environment as pleasant, positive, and enjoyable as possible.


For this reason, we have decided to undertake a plan for renovating the dorm rooms, and taking them to a very high level of quality and comfort.


The cost of renovating all three floors of the dorm is $95,000, each room costs $5,800, and the entire project is estimated at $300,000.


Intensive efforts are underway to qualify for government funding to subsidize the construction. At the same time, we are turning to our supporters and the parents of our students to partner with us in providing the next generation of Shluchim with the best physical accommodations during their time here.


Your pledge of $5,800 will cover the renovation cost of a full room, and enable you to dedicate the room as you wish – in honor of friends and family, in memory of a loved one – proudly displayed with elegance at the entrance of the room.


A pledge of $95,000 will cover the cost of renovating an entire floor and provide you with a dedication opportunity for that floor.


We look forward to your taking part in this vital project, either via your donation or by encouraging your supporters to join in.


Your help in this crucial effort will make a major difference in the lives of hundreds of young Shluchim, future students of Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim, by making their three years of study away from home as positive, comfortable, and successful as possible.


With blessings for tremendous success in all that you do,

Shneur Zalman Kaplan


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