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Yeshiva's Mailing Address

You can mail letters or packages directly to Yeshiva. Just write to who it is for and it will be brought to him when it arrives. Yeshiva's address is:


Hagdud Hashlishi 5

Zefat, North 1323000



הגדוד השלישי 5

צפת, הצפון 1323000



For mailing American checks (for tuition etc.) please use the following address:


Friends of Chabad Tzfas

466 Albany Ave. Apt. #4B

Brooklyn, NY 11213


Registration files which may be needed through-out the year.


1. Yeshiva Calendar

2. Yeshiva Guidlines - Hebrew and English

3. Dress Code

Tzfat Gifts

There is a website which has been created by a local member of Anash in Tzfas, for parents around the world whose children are learning in Tzfas to have an easy way to send their children care packages and gifts through-out the year; birthdays and year round. With a few clicks your care package, gift, platter, birthday cake etc. will be on its way to your son or daughters school or Yeshiva. As well as sending an appreciation to a teacher or Hanhalah member. Click bellow for the link to the website.

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