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     Since its reopening under the leadership of Rabbi Zalman Kaplan in 2013, Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim has secured its place as one of the premier Yeshivas in the Chabad community. Yeshivas Tzeirei Hashluchim takes pride in its high standard of learning, chassidishe atmosphere and exclusive staff of teachers and mashpiim.

     The Yeshiva, now known by its new name "Yeshivas Beis Menachem Mendel", is the only Yeshiva dedicated to helping Shluchim alleviate some of the pressure from the tuition crisis.  Thanks to government funding and support from Colel Chabad, our Yeshiva has set the tuition fee for Shluchim at the incredible low price of $5,000 a year.

     At present, there are 75 students in the Yeshiva, a number limited by the current size of the zal (study hall). A brand new Beis Medrash, that will seat over 100 students, is now in the process of being built.

We launched Our Annual Fundraiser campaign (2023/24)  in order to help us fund our yearly budget. Every Donation made will make a great contribution for our goals and allow us to deliver the best program for our talmidim. 

Help us reach our goal of $180,000

  You can become a partner and help the Yeshiva by your donation.

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